Friday, July 30, 2010

My princess and HER favorite princess

Today we had a Princess Party with a few moms from Lucy's preschool. Back in June, our church youth performed a wonderful "musical" for VBS, and one of all of our girls favorite characters was Princess Ditzy. (Princess Smartie was also a fav, but she is on vacation with her family, so poor Ditzy was on her own!) One of the moms in our group happened to ask this sweet girl if she baby-sat, and she said yes, so we hired her for a couple hours today... Yes, we CALLED it a Princess Party, but it was REALLY a MOM'S AFTERNOON PARTY. We all brought a snack, and one mom brought some adult beverages, and while the kids played with Miss Ditzy, we socialized.

I must admit I felt a bit guilty about a.) sipping the adult beverage at 2:00pm, and b.) about sipping said adult beverage in front of some innocent sweet 15 year old from church that was meeting us all for the "first" time . She just giggled and ran off with the girls, and I promise you no one got silly.

The girls loved their special time, and the moms have decided that we just might have to make this a monthly thing! Ahhhh! Love my "mommy time!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010