Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our 2009 Halloween Pumpkins

These were our attempts at carving pumpkins this year....... the first one was Mark's and mine. It is suppossed to be the Chinese symbol for love, but it was a bit more intricate than we originally thought once we got started. There is even a whole section missing in the bottom of the symbol, but I figure not bad for a couple of novices! LOL! The second one is LuLu's. We gave her a marker and told her to draw what she wanted daddy to cut. What you see is what you get! We about fell over laughing, but she is one proud little girl! I wish I could have cartured the smile on her face when Mark took her out to see them lit on the front was priceless! Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun with the Cousins

Ebert's Pumpkin Farm - Oconomowoc

This past week we traveled to Oconomowoc, WI to visit my family, and introduce them to the newest member of our brood, Miss Vivi Grace. The usual 7 1/2 hr trip from Columbus became 10+ hours with a 3 month old tagging along! LOL! We have hit 2 malls, been swimming, had Vivienne's first visit to the pumpkin farm, and spent many wonderful hours with family and friends. I must say that I never see joy radiate on my daughter Lucy's face like it does when she is with her cousins. There is a connection there, a bond, that I can see she truly shares with them. I am fortunate that no matter what family dynamics I may have with my family.....she still has this.
Vivi has also done well! The first few days she slept little at night (making for a TIRED mommy and daddy!) but the rest of the week she has slept like a trooper. My mom has really enjoyed her time with her, although I feel my brothers are both a bit uncomfortable with the fact that she is AA. (DISCLAIMER!!! THEY claim they are not...) I knew all along in the adoption that this might be the case with some people, but I had hoped deep down that when everyone finally met her, that all that would be washed away. That she would be accepted like any other member of our family. That she would capture their hearts with her cute little smile. But, it is what it is, and fortunately I have some time left to work on them before she becomes aware.
We head home tomorrow, and Thursday is Trick or Treat, so I hope to have some more pics posted soon!