Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy Hair

Yeah, I know I don't do hair. And yes, I am quite aware that Brodi and Tyler are boys. I just couldn't resist playing with their "long" hair. It didn't help that I was being egged on by my brother (in second photo, who I am guessing was trying to prove a point!).

Trip to Park Lawn School

Last Friday in Oconomowoc, my nephew Tyler was having a special ceremony in his class for meeting his targeted goals. He was very excited and asked his Aunt Jill and Uncle Mark to attend. The first picture is what greeted us outside his classroom..........

Tyler explained how he met his goal and we all clapped. Then he "sealed" his goal with his handprint.

Then it was off to his twin brother Brodi's classroom because he wanted to show off Lucy. We were a little nervous at first, but Lucy LOVED the attention, and he was so proud!
Mission Accomplished! Happy cousins all around!

Pumpkin Carving at GG's

We are home from our vacation in Wisconsin, & tonight we headed up to GG's (Jill's grandma) to eat pizza and carve the first of our 3 pumpkins. Despite having a double ear infection and a sinus infection, Miss Lucy seemed in good spirits! (Sorry about the quality of some of the photos, but I must point out that I have never claimed to be a good photographer! ) I hope to get some more pics of our trip up soon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

*Fat Cat Update*

Fat Cat's owner would like me to point out that none of us would be flattered by a shot of our behind. LOL!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fat Cat

My mom was recently married, and this "thing" came with her new husband. In all seriousness Jessie is a wonderful cat, but my husband will be the first to tell you that this cat is as wide as it is long!!

Reunited...and it feels so good!

On our way out of town for our vacation, we stopped in Lafeyette, Indiana, and our best friends were kind enough to put us up for the night. Mark, Lucy & I were very excited to see Jim, Emily & "Becca Boo". We were sorry our time together was so short.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've been tagged!

  1. I am insecure. I know, I can admit it...I always worry that I am not a good enough mom, & wife.
  2. I hate fruit. Yep, all of it. Can't stand it. Love veggies, but no fruit.
  3. I want to adopt from China again. I am not eligible now as I have taken Prozac in the last year, but I am hoping we can do it in the future.
  4. I miss my dad. He died suddenly of a heart attack at LOWES and I have never recovered. I am so sorry that he missed me having a family.
  5. I wonder if I am crazy to want another child!! Can I love the second one like I love the first? Will Lucy be mad at us for adopting again? AGH! I know it will all work out, but I still worry!
  6. As a stay at home mom, I kind of miss working!
  7. I am a Christain woman who loves The Lord!

I'm tagging the following people.








Friday, October 17, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catching Up

Outside last night gathering leaves

Jim's visit from Purdue University

Lucy's first pets (other than our 5 cats and dog!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Oops! I'm sorry, I think I may have not explained myself right......
I will be keeping our URL because, well, I just can't even fathom not having it. It was where we started, and it would break my heart to change it. (scary that I am sooo attatched to something that simple , hey?) So, I am looking for a new title at the top of my blog. Like I said before, something cute and catchy.

Seeking creative ideas.............

I need help guys! Some of my friends may call me creative, but when it comes to something like this, I am NOT! Obviously when my (our!) son arives, my blog can no longer be named "All For Lucy". Almost all the blogs I follow have the cutest titles, and of course I would like to have one too. Some ideas I have are: "Divinely Diverse- the story of our family", or "Divine Diverstity", also "Life with Lucy Lou & _____________" (insert boy name here). I am also open to ANY and ALL suggestions. I am desperate and looking for something fun and cute! Like I said....HELP!!

P.S. I know you are all here to see pics of Lucy, and I promise to get some up soon. We have been quite busy, and I have not been feeling well. Lucy got her first "pets" last week, and she was baptized on Sunday. Our friend Jim came to town last night to do some recruiting for Purdue and met us for dinner. We have a class tonight at Children's Hospital, but I'll try to get pics by tomorrow night!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's Official! We're going domestic!!

Okay guys! Here's the scoop! Our paperwork is done, all we have to do is take an infant care class (next Wednesday) and our profile will go to birth moms! Because we are open to race the wait should be short. The last two families were matched in one month and three months! She also told me they have seven files of families (including ours!) open to race, and seven mothers in different stages of pregnancy that meet our criteria. We are beyond excited...but a little scared. We have NOTHING for a newborn. Toddler yes....newborn no. Money is TIGHT after this adoption and the failed Taiwan attempt so I am trying to buy things slowly. We have asked for a boy, so I am trying to put myself into boy shopping mode. I am still stuck in the pink and bows stage, so I am trying to switch gears! We plan to get the crib up this weekend, and I need to go buy an infant carrier/car seat as well. Please keep us (and Lucy as this will rock her world!!) in your prayers!