Saturday, November 21, 2009

Game Day at the "Shoe"- GO BUCKEYES!

Today we were fortunate enough to be able to watch the Buckeyes beat Michigan at a party at the Horseshoe. Although the game itself was in Ann Arbor, we still had a ball! The Huntington Room was all decked out!

We got to watch a little of this:

Indulge in a little of this......

and A LOT of this.........

During halftime we were able to take a tour of the 'Shoe. This is the view of the Olentangy River and Schott Center from the Suite floor.

The view from the Press Box

The Suite in which Ellen Tressel (Coach Tressel's wife) entertains during home games

And the absolute best part......down on the field! It was AWESOME!

Lucy was so excited to run for a touchdown!

And there it is ...TOUCHDOWN!

Hard to tell, but this is Vivi in the middle of the Block O...just HAD to do it! LOL!

And on the 50 yard line

We had so much fun! Although both girls were pretty darn sick yesterday, 24 hours of antibiotics and some Tylenol seemed to do the trick. I even got some cute family shots worthy of a Christmas card. BONUS!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Vivi's first time seeing Santa-Christmas 2009

I guess you will all notice that Santa is down one kiddo....Miss Lucy! She has been terrified of the man since I forced her to sit on his lap (SCREAMING BTW!) back in 2007. I mean CRAZY afraid! If she even knows Santa is in the building, she will keep looking over her shoulder, or will hide under her blanket. We were hoping with the addition of Miss Vivi to our family this year, that that would change! (She doesn't do ANYTHING without her little sister!) Ummmm, no way..not even close....!! Did I mention NO FREAKIN" WAY?? I am not joking when I say that she would not even step foot on the same FLOOR of the mall with the happy fella in the big red suit ! She stayed upstairs with grandma, peering through the glass partition with one eye ever so slightly cracked open. When Santa looked up and waved to her, she covered her face! Gotta love my strong willed gal! LOL! Vivi on the other hand was a dream! I am so excited to send one of these pics to her birthparents!!

On another note, BOTH girls had their ears pierced today! I was only going to have Vivi's done, as Lucy (and daddy!) has always been so adamant that she did NOT want her ears pierced. While doing paperwork to get Vivi's done, Lucy decides she wants HERS done too. I didn't think she would go through with it, so I agreed. All be gosh darned if the girl went ahead and did it! Didn't even flinch! And, as she sat there beaming saying "DADDY WILL BE SO PROUD OF ME!", I was silently thinking Mark is going to kick my as*! It didn't help that another mom from church just happened to be walking by at the time with her girls and said to me "Is this something you and your husband have discussed?". Oh yeah...she DID. I wanted to hide under the chair! (Turns out she and her girls want THEIR ears pierced but THEIR daddy has said NO.) After we left the store I let Lucy call daddy and tell him what she, I had done. Turns out he was cool with it, especially after hearing how excited she was. Hmmm, who would've thought??

Now, if I can just channel that enthusiasm into getting a picture of her with Santa....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our First IFIF (Interacial Families In Friendship) Get Together!

Tonight was our first IFIF group meeting. Although they meet once a month, this was the first one we were able to attend. I am so sorry we didn't get the chance to attend sooner! It was SO FUN!!! Although I am known to be completely outgoing, I can get pretty nervous when I am the "newbie"! I should not have worried because everyone was so open and friendly! In total there were over 75 people, including kiddos! Although the majority were domestic adoption, there were a handful from Ethiopia, 1 from Liberia, and a few the children of interacial couples. What a BEAUTIFUL diverse crowd! (Even another couple like us who recognized us from COFCC events, with a daughter from China the same age as Lucy!) Lucy found herself a new friend and fellow diva in a sweetie named Natalie, and Vivi a new boyfriend in sweet 8 month old Sam! We cannot wait to see them all again next month!
(sorry for the poor pictures! this is what happens when you are too busy yakking and leave hubby to do the know, the hubby that HATES to take pictures... especially the ones you are yelling for him to take from ACROSS the room when you see something cute happening as you are too busy, you know YAKKING! LOL!)