Monday, November 16, 2009

Vivi's first time seeing Santa-Christmas 2009

I guess you will all notice that Santa is down one kiddo....Miss Lucy! She has been terrified of the man since I forced her to sit on his lap (SCREAMING BTW!) back in 2007. I mean CRAZY afraid! If she even knows Santa is in the building, she will keep looking over her shoulder, or will hide under her blanket. We were hoping with the addition of Miss Vivi to our family this year, that that would change! (She doesn't do ANYTHING without her little sister!) Ummmm, no way..not even close....!! Did I mention NO FREAKIN" WAY?? I am not joking when I say that she would not even step foot on the same FLOOR of the mall with the happy fella in the big red suit ! She stayed upstairs with grandma, peering through the glass partition with one eye ever so slightly cracked open. When Santa looked up and waved to her, she covered her face! Gotta love my strong willed gal! LOL! Vivi on the other hand was a dream! I am so excited to send one of these pics to her birthparents!!

On another note, BOTH girls had their ears pierced today! I was only going to have Vivi's done, as Lucy (and daddy!) has always been so adamant that she did NOT want her ears pierced. While doing paperwork to get Vivi's done, Lucy decides she wants HERS done too. I didn't think she would go through with it, so I agreed. All be gosh darned if the girl went ahead and did it! Didn't even flinch! And, as she sat there beaming saying "DADDY WILL BE SO PROUD OF ME!", I was silently thinking Mark is going to kick my as*! It didn't help that another mom from church just happened to be walking by at the time with her girls and said to me "Is this something you and your husband have discussed?". Oh yeah...she DID. I wanted to hide under the chair! (Turns out she and her girls want THEIR ears pierced but THEIR daddy has said NO.) After we left the store I let Lucy call daddy and tell him what she, I had done. Turns out he was cool with it, especially after hearing how excited she was. Hmmm, who would've thought??

Now, if I can just channel that enthusiasm into getting a picture of her with Santa....


Debbie B said...

What a great picture. Isn't it kind of an odd feeling to see a great picture and think how much they'll like it too!
Too funny about the lady from church. Dave pretty much made me get Isabel's ears pierced even though I wanted to wait. But he was too scared to go himself since he's afraid of needles so I had to do it. Silly man. Glad we did it though.

Elizabeth Frick said...

Yikes! Gal from church had some nerve there! I like your decision making style. :)

Reid, Dawn, Jilli, & Dru! said...

Love it!! The story is hilarious, too :) Sounds like something that would happen to me. We have the Elf on a Shelf. We named him Frankie and he made a surprise visit yesterday to our house. Dru is TERRIFIED of him. She will not look at him and runs and screams if she has to go by him! I wonder what Santa is going to be like???

Jill said...

What a sweet photo of Vivi and Santa!!!

Jill, I'm just laughing and loving your story about the ear piercing. I would just LOVE it if someone (especially from church) asked me, "Is this something you and your husband have discussed?" Are you joking? Even though it's not very Christian of me, I might have to replied with something very sassy. For example, "I was 35 and STILL single so don't talk to me about getting permission, Lady." Ha Ha!!!

I love this story! Such a classic!

Jill said...

Elizabeth- Yeah, LOL, a lot of nerve! Not sure what really made her say that, she barely knows me more than just recognizing me! It must have been the sheer look of terror in my eyes as Lucy sat there grinning! haha!

Missy said...

I absolutely LOVE the pic of sweet Vivi and Santa!!! Awww, just melts my heart, Jill.
Congrats on your big girls and their ears pierced and so happy daddy is cool with it...whew! :)

Jan said...

Awwww sweet little Miss Vivi!! Her first pic with Santa!! Sorry we missed Miss Lucy!! And, the girls got their ears pierced!! So exciting!!

Isn't it something how people can be nervy right to your face!! Did she think she was going to get you in trouble??!! Too bad for her!!

Wish you guys lived closer!!

Love and (((Hugs))!!!

Kim K. said...

You totally crack me up. I love your ear piercing story. Adorable Santa picture of Vivi. Josie and Lucy could hang out together somewhere far far away from the man in the red coat.

kalibug said...

Hahahah, I love your kids, lol. Tell Lucy your blogger friends are so proud of her. My kid, will not, and after seeing a kid having it done and freaking out, I am letting her tell me when, lol. I was nearly in tears, and she wasnt even my kid! Post pictures when you can of the girls with their lil earrings. Cannot wait to see.

Well, there is next year, maybe Lucy will be ready for Santa then, lol. Vivi looked so cute on Santa's lap.

Jboo said...

Awww -- she's such a little bitty cutie with Santa! The ear piercing is funny! What brave girls you have! Maddy has thought about it, but is waiting until she's sure!

Hope you have a great day!


Ohilda said...

Love it! Miss Vivi looks so teeny in Santa's arms. She's adorable! You should've taken a pic of Lucy standing with Grandma. LOL!

As to the ear piercing, sweet hubby didn't even have to ask. He kenw a little girl would mean earrings ASAP! :)


AJH said...

Your girls are beautiful! Great picture! Our Ada Grace has wanted her ears pierced for over a year...I wanted to do it when she was a baby. Daddy originally said she had to wait until double digits, but we had gotten him talked down to 3 because she wanted it so badly...we had to go up to 4 because of her one and only tantrum she has thrown in a store and it was over earings. So we have to wait until her next birthday!

Wanda said...

Oh, the Santa thing - BTDT. I remember being so disappointed that my Dahlia was terrified of sweet old Santa for the first 3 years. I think it changed when she realized he actually brought her presents., well - get out of her way.

And I suppose we'l be doing the same dance with the little one now. Pretty typical.

Funny story about the ear piercing.

Wanda (At Last...)

day by day said...

Hi Jill!

Lucy sounds like my Ella. They know exactly what they want and what they do NOT want. I have to tell you something funny. Ella has always had the same exact reaction to Santa. NO WAY! Well, we were at a house party last year....Santa visited and she got up on his lap! Go figure! I guess mall Santa's are much more scary?

The picture of Vivi is soooo cute!

How fun to have both ears girls pierced!!!!


Sue said...

What a darling photo!

Had to laugh about the ear piercing. YOu should have told the lady you were getting their belly buttons pierced and see what she said!

My daughter is terrified of the man in red too..not gonna happen!

Sue : )

birthmothertalks said...

What a great picture. I am sure her birthmother will love to see that.

Jean said...

Adorable pic with Santa!!

I love the comment from the church lady! At that point you were probably thinking "okay what did I just do"?
So glad hubby was cool with it!

Sarah had hers done when she was brave enough to sleep in her own room! We will do something like that with Emma and Ellie, too!

Lucy said...

Hilarious! You know that woman from church was dying to do it too, ha ha! Good for you for doing it. Of course, we love everything our kids love, it's contagious (sp?). I bet they look so cute with their new earrings!
I don't blame Lucy for her fear of Santa..esp the mall Santas, scarrrry! :) Miss Vivi is so stinkin cute and yes, she is a chubster like George. He weighed about that much at 4 months. I keep thinking he's thinning out, their growth usually slows after 6 months but I think he's still around 19 pounds! A perfect Thanksgiving turkey, I think I'll have to put him on the platter!
Take care, Lucy

Shirlee McCoy said...

I love the Santa photo!

Kristin said...

What a very sweet picture!

My girls are not into Santa either----maybe this year since they are 5 and 6. We'll see!!

My teenager has been pushing me to get the girls ears pierced but I'm not ready! Yay for you for allowing Lucy to choose. :-)

Michelle said...

We haven't done the ear piercing yet, but I know the girls are looking forward to it! Oh, and thanks for the comment (about looking young!) You made my day considering I only have ONE more year until I hit the big 4-0!!!!!

Richele said...

the santa shot is so, so sweet!

maybe lucy will get the courage up after she sees vivi handle it like a pro a few times. or perhaps she has her own tradition already set of not hangin' out with santa.

hope the ears are ok - even if the lady is not. can you even imagine saying that to someone?!

kalibug said...

Thank you sooooooooo much for your sweet comments on my blog. Thanks for thinking and praying for us. It means a lot to me! Being ignored (I know they are doing it because they do not know what to say), but friends are not saying much of anything, but my best friend right now. It makes it harder.

Sharie said...

Love your story! I used to ask Amelia every time we went to the mall and she would always say no - I didn't really want hers done, but thought it was funny how emphatically she would say no. Well I was shocked one day when she said yes. I had her watch another little girl and then up she went. And AHHHH did she cry.

One of them got crusty, so I took it out to show the doctor when we were on the way one was fine, but had closed before we got home! I kept the other one in for months thinking she would give in and let me have the one re-pierced - NOPE and 3 years later she has no earrings and no desire to have them done again, because...MOM that REALLY hurt!

So, word from the wise - DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT:) Love that Lucy wanted so cute!

Paula said...

That is a funny story. Can't believe that lady would butt her nose in and say that...RUDE.

Jonni said...

What an adorable pic of Muss Vivi with Santa. She is so precious. I know what you mean about being scared. The first year (2007) Sofia was absolutely petrified of him.

Oh no, that lady did NOT say that about the the girls getting their ears pierced right??? Geez. I bet the girls look even more adorable (if that's possible) with their ears pierced. How brave of Lucy too!