Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lucy's GI Visit

Most of you already know, but our daughter was adopted from China off of the SN list. She is HepB+. Because of this, we do some yearly testing (bloodwork, ultrasounds) and meet with a GI Dr to check on Lucy's ongoing status. This disorder effects the liver and can cause death. It appears that Lucy was given this disorder inutero, therefore, at we are very fortunate at this point that her body does not regognize there is anything wrong. This means her immune system is not fighting it, therefore causing no problems with her liver. Our visit with the GI Dr today was incredible! Not only were her liver functions GREAT, but we received an update about some studies that we had heard about last year. The Dr said that she feels these studies showed that there would be a combo of drugs available by the time Lucy is in high school to cure HepB. What incredible news!!
Please do not assume because of this news that we will not advocate for her medical care. It is proven that people who are HepB+ have a higher incidence of liver cancer. Lucy also has a small percentage of a chance of liver damage as well. We will continue to get the best care possible for our daughter, and continue to pray for the best!
This news was just to great not to share!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh no you didn't......... OH YES I DID!!!!

Lucy Lou before

Lucy Lou after

Yeah.......... I had it chopped off. You might be thinking something along the lines of 'what was SHE thinking??!!?'. Well, I'll tell you. Lucy would cry scream everytime I even picked up a comb or brush, let alone ponytail holders. I figured life would now be easier- for ALL of us! She seems to like it, and I KNOW my in-laws are just going to HAVE A COW, but I figure someday she will "get" what iit all means to have longer hair and then we will grow it again. Until then, enjoy the bob!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Comments on your comments and adoption news..

I just wanted to THANK YOU all for all the wonderful comments you left on the post about our Miss Lucy's 3 Year photos! You were all so sweet that you made me blush!!
A lot of you commented on how she 'just loved the camera', or 'looked comfortable in front of the camera'. You are right...but this was THE FIRST TIME in quite awhile, if ever really, that she was like that. I must first give credit to P*ortait I*novations and their WONDERFUL photographer Libby who coaxed those sweet smiles out of my daughter...she was great with Lucy! Next, I should point out that we were the ONLY ones there for over an hour, so Lucy wasn't distracted. I am very happy with the way they all turned out and can't believe how big she is getting!

On the adoption front.....I heard from our latest social worker last week that our profile has been shown 3 times. She could not tell me however if we are "still in the running". I did ask if there was any feedback from the BM's and she said no. She also e-mailed me today and asked for more copies of our profile as there are only 2 left. They will be hand delivered tomorrow.

What I don't get is that there are very few (5 or 6 INCLUDING us) open to race.....we have been shown THREE times....obviously to BM's that fit our profile......kind of making the odds pretty good right?? I am NOT obsessing (although Mark would disagree!) I am just merely curious why were aren't being chosen.

I am NOT to the point where I think we should change our profile. Heck, it's only been 3 months, and trust me, I know it is GOD'S hands not ours....but I'm just sayin'.......LOL!

So, there you have it! Thanks again to all of you who are following along for the sweetest comments ever!! Love ya!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Our best friends Jim, Emily, & Becca came to visit this weekend from Indiana, and we decided last minute to have a gathering at our house. We just love getting "the crew" together and the kiddos always have such a good time. Can't WAIT to do it again!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lion Dance

Lucy was absolutely TERRIFIED of the lion dance......crying AND shaking. After it was over, she was still shell shocked (as you can tell rom the look on her face!). These were her responses.......

Our local FCC Chinese New Year Party