Monday, February 9, 2009

Comments on your comments and adoption news..

I just wanted to THANK YOU all for all the wonderful comments you left on the post about our Miss Lucy's 3 Year photos! You were all so sweet that you made me blush!!
A lot of you commented on how she 'just loved the camera', or 'looked comfortable in front of the camera'. You are right...but this was THE FIRST TIME in quite awhile, if ever really, that she was like that. I must first give credit to P*ortait I*novations and their WONDERFUL photographer Libby who coaxed those sweet smiles out of my daughter...she was great with Lucy! Next, I should point out that we were the ONLY ones there for over an hour, so Lucy wasn't distracted. I am very happy with the way they all turned out and can't believe how big she is getting!

On the adoption front.....I heard from our latest social worker last week that our profile has been shown 3 times. She could not tell me however if we are "still in the running". I did ask if there was any feedback from the BM's and she said no. She also e-mailed me today and asked for more copies of our profile as there are only 2 left. They will be hand delivered tomorrow.

What I don't get is that there are very few (5 or 6 INCLUDING us) open to race.....we have been shown THREE times....obviously to BM's that fit our profile......kind of making the odds pretty good right?? I am NOT obsessing (although Mark would disagree!) I am just merely curious why were aren't being chosen.

I am NOT to the point where I think we should change our profile. Heck, it's only been 3 months, and trust me, I know it is GOD'S hands not ours....but I'm just sayin'.......LOL!

So, there you have it! Thanks again to all of you who are following along for the sweetest comments ever!! Love ya!


Jan said...

Hey Jill,
Hang in there!! If they're asking for more copies - Surely it must be a God Sign!! (...when I went back to check my spelling, I didn't mis-spell this on purpose!! Good sign/God sign??!!) Your profile is getting out there!! It a good thing!! Love and Hugs!!
Jan, John & Jillian Rose
BTW, On the photo you removed from the blog, we were able to see Jillian's pic on your frig!! Love Ya!!

trina said...

She's beautiful!!! I love the pictures! Sweet, sweet girl.

Jan said...

Hey Jill,
Come on back and visit us...we posted Miss Lucy's lovely Valentine!! Love Ya!!

*Overflowing* said...

DON'T change your portfolio!!! Welcome to the world of domestic adoption where any tiny piece of news can make or break ya :) Domestic adoption is a roller coaster all on it's's something else. Just when you are doubting, "the call" will come out of left field and blow your socks off! Boy, your post took me right back to each one of our domestic and I really need to chat :) Hang in there...I promise the one thing you worried most about in your portfolio is what will draw your bmom in so DON'T CHANGE IT! God always used my doubts to move His miracles!!!

Did you get my email yesterday?

Felicia said...

I did love Lucy's 3 year old pics. Hang in will get chosen. Keep the faith :)

Kim K. said...

That's wonderful news about your profile being shown 3 times. I'll keep saying a few prayers. Becoming a family of 4 has been amazing. Hugs.

Andrea said...

Hey Girl!
My BFF has had their profile in for 3 months, also.
They have 2 girls and are trying to adopt a son.
Like her, God has already chosen your child and he knows which BM is best for your family. She is coming.....
And you and your family will be perfect for her and the baby.
She may already have your profile....She may just be struggling to find the strength to choose.
Just keep praying for her and we will be praying for you.


Natalie said...

Hi I have visited your blog once before. I just know that you'll be chosen bu the right BM. God has the perfect baby picked for you but he just might be finishing up the details.
Hang in there. I think your family is beautiful and when the right BM comes along, she'll know right away that you are the perfect parents!!

Doug and Terrye said...

I love following your is always a real joy to sit and visit with you :)

Terrye in FL

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hang in there, Jill. Domestic adoption is tough in different ways. That roller coaster is tough, tough, tough to ride.

And mothers considering adoption sometimes DO choose to parent. So don't count up your profile views and think, "they found someone they liked better." Because you just don't know.

It's tough - I've never done DA, but so many of our friends have. And it's a different kind of tough from IA. Hugs to you.

Jill said...

There is a reason why...



Kim said...

God's timing is always perfect. I know it doesn't make the wait easier but He knows the perfect plan for you.

Keep the faith!

Amy said...

Ohhh!! I can feel your anxiousness!! Like everyone else, I feel the reason you haven't been chosen is that the right baby for you isn't ready yet! There is a child that is just going to send you over the moon!!! Okay, so that's the spiritual side of me. The analytical side of me thinks....."What!!! I can't believe you haven't been chosen yet!! How could anyone look at your profile and not choose you right away!!!!" Seriously, there must be an incredibly perfect match for you out there!! That is the only way to explain it!! Keep on hangin' in there!!!!

Made in China said...

I love the photoshoot! I also love the outfits - a particular designer?

Good luck with the adoption - I think it is hard to not become obsessive!!

Carrie said...

I was just talking about you-My brother and his wife can't have bio children and they were thinking of domestic adoption and was tell them about you! Glad to see the birth Moms are looking at your file-praying for you!

Kristin said...

Love the blog redo! Very cute!!

I don't know squat about domestic adoption but having your profile shown a lot has GOT to be a good thing. I'm sure of it. :-)

Michelle said...

Hi Jill,
I have no doubt they see a loving, beautiful family when they look at your profile. It's not their choice, it's His choice and He knows which child is yours. (I know, I know... Don't ya just wish you were in on that little secret?)

Stay strong!!


Jennifer said...

Thinking of you and praying for you and your adoption. Sounds like things are on the right track!!


AZMom said...

LOVE the new header!! And LOVE the new pics of Lucy! I have a picture of Bug very similar to the one of Lucy laying on the floor with her feet in the air. That is one of my fav poses for any kid!

Keisha said...

Oh.. I love the new look!! And, you are cracking me up with your comments! :)
How exciting about the domestic adoption! I would be on "pins & needles" LOL! DO Keep us posted!h

Rhonda said...


I LOVE LUCY! (Get it?) tee hee.....Seriously, she's adorable and I hope she gets chosen!


Kim said...

Hello! First time to visit your blog! Your Lucy is beautiful! We have a Lucy too (domestic adoption)! Look forward to following as your family grows! Blessings, Kim

Shannon of "Room for More" said...

I think *overflowing* said it all! I'll be praying!

Debbie B said...

It was 4 months for us, open to race. Just remember that just because you are open to race doesn't mean that it was a birthmom with another race looking at your profile (unless of course you said no to caucasian). Which would mean more profiles might have been shown.
We were shown twice that I know of before we were chosen.
And my advice on changing your profile if you feel the need to is to do it. I wanted to but held off because our agency said it wasn't necessary. Had a change in my husbands job that made us change it. Our agency got our new profile the day Isabel was born, two days before Monica contacted them. If I hadn't changed it I know she wouldn't have chosen us due to what I changed.

Lucy is gorgeous. Love the header.

Gwen said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! We both have Jiangxi girls! Sarah is from the Yujiang county SWI.
Do you know Amy in Arizona? Or did you use CHI? Just trying to make the connections. :)
Cute, cute pictures of Lucy!

Jan said...

Hi Jill,
Come visit us, I gave you an award!! Hugs, Me

redmaryjanes said...

I hope that you are matched with a wonderful birthmom soon.
I know how hard it is to wait.

Paula said...

When you least expect it you'll get the call.
Before we adopted Hannah we had submitted our profile and months went by, I had a gut feeling that maybe the main photo should be re taken, so we did re take it and make new profiles up and one month later we were chosen.
You'll know in your heart if anything needs to be changed.
I'll be praying for you!

Jonni said...

I know it's only a matter of time until your family is chosen honey. I know how hard it is to wait though. I am sending good luck your way on good news soon.