Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy 1st Gotcha Day Lucy!

It was one year ago today Lucy, that you were placed in our arms in that hot, sweaty room on the 26th floor of the Jiangxi Province Center of Adoption Services. We were so excited, you were so scared. That day changed all of our lives forever!! What a blessing you are to us! Your smile, your laughter. The way you know how to melt each of our hearts. We have never looked back, and could not love a child more, or be more proud of you than we are!! Happy 1st Gotcha Day Lucy!! Love, Mommy & Daddy


Kim and Bryan said...

Thinking of that day brings tears to my eyes! It's hard to believe it's been a year, yet I can't imagine our lives before! Happy day! Miss you all!

Jeanne said...

We are so fortunate to have traveled with wonderful people. I love seeing your little girl grow and gain confidence through the love and security you have given her. What changes we have all been through! With love Jeanne

tiffany said...

We must have been in China about the same time last year! We met Levi on Mothers Day (5/13/07).

Your daughter is just adorable! Thanks for saying hello on my blog so I could know to come "meet" you. :)