Friday, September 12, 2008

Crazy Silly Life......

Just when you think you might have a grasp on life, things can take an interesting turn.
This morning our new social worker came out to meet us. Although our homestudy update was done a few months ago, there were some new documents she needed to do the re-write, and obviously wanted to meet us (the people she would be writing about) as well.
We liked her. Really liked her. And she was here for almost 3 hours. She's on the ball and friendly.
During her conversations with us, she asked if we had ever thought about domestic adoption. Honestly, it has crossed our minds, and been the topic of quite a few discussions around here. Frankly, the thought of our profile being in a book being perused by birth parents and hoping to be picked, makes us feel like dogs at the shelter. Not something we really wanted to do. Then she asked if we were open to bi-racial or African American babies........well, yeah.....we had thought for a while about Ethiopia. Apparently there is a shotage of parents willing to take bi-racial children here in town. WHAT?
We were intrigued. Really intrigued. A baby? Yes, a baby. How old? A few days old. All because the child is bi-racial.
We wouldn't have to fly overseas. We already have a lot of the paperwork done. Intersting huh?
Here is some more interesting news. When Mark and I sat down the for the first time with our old social worker for China back in 2006, we had never heard of the special needs program. Our social worker brought it to our attention. We applied to both programs, and Lucy came off the special needs list. Now our new social worker goes and does the same thing. Crazy!
What does God want us to do? What is he trying to tell me (us)?? Just when things start falling into place, and I really mean in place, with this current international adoption, I am thrown a curveball.
Where does God want my (our) next child to come from?
Like I said...crazy silly life.


hipgal said...

Wow! What an interesting turn of events. And how exciting! I know you will make the right choice for your family.

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with the previous agency. Thank goodness you listened to your intuition before sending that big payment.

Someday you will look back at the whole thing with awe and know that this rollercoaster was worth it to bring you to your little girl or boy. :) Lucy is going to be the best big sister!

Daugherty's said...

Why I am always hearing about this stuff on your blog???

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Hi Jill,

How exciting! I know what you mean, we also did not know about SN originally and the more we found out about it, the more we knew that it was right for us. I have my fingers crossed that Lucy's cibling come home soon, wherever she or he is from. I can't wait, I am so excited for you all. :)


Amie@HeartSmiles said...


I can't wait to see what he has planned!


Paula said...

We have adopted two babies domestically and it has been great. Its true what your social worker said, there are a lot of families that want pure caucasian. We were open to bi-racial too. I think that is why we got chosen pretty quick. We didn't feel like shelter pups, truly we felt honored. You will know where God is leading you and what is right for your family.
Side note: some people are not sure about domestic because of open adoption. It does not mean your front door is "Open" for the birthparents to walk through any time they want. You all agree on the degree of openness beforehand. It really is an awesome thing.