Friday, April 10, 2009

Lucy's Zoo




Ohilda said...

AAAACCCCHOOOOOOO!! Oh my! Five cats?!!! I'd be dying from allergy attacks. Your pup is a beauty though. :)



PS Did you get my message on FB? I don't ever know if those things go through or not. I sent it before I left to the hospital.

Felicia said...

I may have to call Lucy Dr. Doolittle. She's got a cute zoo.

Kim K. said...

We love our kitty dearly. I'm almost afraid to show this post to Emma. She's been begging for me to adopt another pet after her guiena pig died. She'd be in heaven at your house (hee hee).

Beth in NC said...

Oh wow, you're a great Mom. I groan over the ONE CAT and dog!

Melba said...

I thought for sure this was going to be about a trip to the zoo, but your post surprised me! Very cute, you definitely have your hands full! :)


a Tonggu Momma said...

Five cats!?!?!! I've only known one other person with five cats - our former neighbor Yankee. Her husband Brit was hysterically laughing when he found out - they married when Yankee was 38 years old. So she was the scary, single cat lady. And he married her. Hee hee.

Your fur babies are beautiful, even the canine one. :)

Michelle said...

Are you serious?!? Sorry, but I can't come over for a play date at your house. I'd be one allergic mess. :( But I'm sure Lucy has a blast with a houseful of fun!

Natalie said...

WOW!!! I'm impressed. They are all adorable and you are one brave mom.

God's Girl said...

Awe... Shadow looks exactly like our cat Shade. So cute. : )

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

For real??!!! Oh my goodness...your zoo must be a fulltime job. :)

Hope you had a nice Easter!


Drama queens mum said...

Love all of your pets. I have 1 cat & would have more if my hubby would let me.

Carla said...

I love her zoo!!! Such pretty kitties and a cute dog too. :)

Katie loves them too.

Marla said...

What a great zoo Lucy has! Love those pets, cant imagine life with out them.

Rhonda said...

NO! The lipstick is still there! Any suggestions?

Macy Li is OBSESSED with cats! I'm gonna show her this tomorrow!

Jan said...

Hey there.....
Hope all is well!! A big huge hello to Miss Lucy!! And Mommy, Jill, too!!
Oh my, five kitty cats and a puppy dog!! As much as I luv em......I dread the day: "Mom...Can we have a.....??!"

There is just not enough time in a day for me to take care of a .....!!

Love and Hugs to all!!!!