Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vacation Photos At The Beach

Lucy and Aunt Leslie


Kim K. said...

I'm loving the beach pictures. There's something about water and sand that is simply magical. Hugs.

Ally said...

We must have been beaching it the same time. We just returned too! Looks like we have a few of the same ideas with our photos. I just love capturing all the good details to remember.

Jboo said...

There is nothing better than the beach, is there! You really captured some beautiful images!


Keisha said...

I love the fact the she wears a BOW to the beach!!!! So cute!!!!
You've got to be stylish at the beach too! ;)

And.. the sand castle is so cool! I should try this today!

Courtney said...

Great vacation pictures. Looks like tons of fun!

Super Mommy said...

Beautiful! Lucy looks like she had a blast at the beach!