Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lucy's First Fair

Today we took MissLucy to her first fair. It was our county (Franklin) fair, and quite small, but for us, it was the perfect size! The weather was gorgeous, and the crowd small. We looked at rabbits, goats, and roosters, and enjoyed the giant slide and inflatable jumping house. What a perfect afternoon!

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Bridget said...

Hi Jill -

Just catching up as we have been crazy busy. I love the pictures from the fair as well as all of your other summer pics. Lucy is just adorable. Thanks for the sweet message. I am so happy that you are having a reunion as well - funny that it is in St. Louis. I owe you an e-mail I am so behind I realized I never replied to your last one. - so sorry. Hope you are enjoying a great week. I will check back soon!

- Bridget