Friday, August 8, 2008

CCAI Travel Group #1168 Reunion: Six Flags

I must state at this point that we are missing 1 family. They are from California, and couldn't make it out here this summer. We all would have loved to see them, especially little "Su Su", now named May, and her big brother Griffen, but understand that it is a really long trip. Phoebe and her family came in from Kanses, and Josh's family from Michigan. We do not believe that the kids really remember each other, but all warmed up pretty quickly. It has been such a joy to see all their smiling faces (well, okay from the other 2 kiddos...not MINE!) and to have them all together again. It has also been wonderful to spend some time with the parents, catching up on all their lives and sharing "war stories". Phoebe's heart surgery was done in China pre-adoption, but Josh and his family had to fly home early from China last year because he was so ill. He had surgery as soon as he came home to the US, and although we all keep in touch throughout the year, it is just better to share some details in person. We hope to continue these reunions every year so that the kiddos have yet another connection to China, and so we as parents, can continue to marvel at these little miracles whose souls are just so resilient! Enjoy the pics, these are just a snippet of our day at Six Flags!

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Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Oh what fun Jill! I just love the pictures and Lucy's glasses are so cute. I am so glad you all are having fun and sorry that the CA family could make it. Maybe next year they will be able to. I am thinking about you guys.